Can your PC run faster?

You no longer have to guess. Our performance scan can check your PC status and suggest optimisation steps to improve the performance of your computer.

Full version costs $29.
Clicking on this button will initiate a download and scan.


Do you feel that your PC does not work as it used to? The reason may be one or more problems acting together. The problem nowadays is that it is very difficult and time consuming to monitor and take care of your PC. Even experienced users find it hard to perform such tasks on regular basis.


PC Speed Up will scan your PC and search for settings, processes and files that are slowing down your performance before it uses number of effective tools to optimise your computer. Using one-click, PC Speed Up will make your network settings, hard disc, memory and CPU optimised and will improve the overall performance. Fast and easy to use PC Speed Up will clean your PC and will make it run faster.

Our satisfied customers

"This program is awesome, its fast and works well. Whenever I see junk piling up and computer slowing down, I start the program with selected settings and computer comes to life again." (*)

* This is the quote of one of our customers and not of the model shown on the picture. This quote is one of 280 customers, where 92.1% were satisfied with the product.
Can your PC run faster? Find out in 2 minutes. DOWNLOAD HERE
Clicking on this button will initiate a download and scan.

What happens Next?

  1. Download and install our application. Application requires Microsoft Silverlight plugin, which is installed automaticaly if your system does not have it already. No other 3rd party applications or browser plugins are installed.
  2. Fast scanning process will evaluate your computer performance. This part of the application is free and shows only the report - it does not affect your system in any way.
  3. If your computer has any issues, you can select items for repair.
  4. The repair process allows to fix 1 category of problems - startup issues - for free. In order to fix the rest of the problems you need to purchase full version of the application for $29. It is a one-time payment that entitles you to use the application with no expiration date. However, you can only receive technical support and upgrades for the 1st year.