Terms and conditions

The installation and utilisation of this product (hereinafter the "SOFTWARE") on your microcomputers are expressly subject to full and unreserved acceptance of this Software Utilisation Licence Agreement (hereinafter "LICENCE"). “SOFTWARE” also includes any documentation and any future updates and releases of the same SOFTWARE to you (a natural or legal person) the end user of the SOFTWARE (hereinafter the "USER").

The LICENCE constitutes an agreement between the USER and the publisher of the SOFTWARE - Speedchecker Limited (hereinafter referred to as "PUBLISHER") registered in England with company number 06643737 and registered office 2 High Royd Lane, Hoylandswaine, Sheffield, S36 7JR.

The PC Speed Up Unlimited product includes a life-time licence term for the PC Speed Up program – this does NOT include the Antivirus program. Where necessary, this LICENCE will refer to this life-time licence as “LIFETIME LICENCE”.


The terms and conditions of this LICENCE replace and supersede any previous agreements that may have existed between the USER and the PUBLISHER.

The SOFTWARE is protected by international laws and treaties as regards intellectual property. No right of ownership is granted to the USER under the LICENCE, only a right of use is granted to the USER. By this LICENCE, the PUBLISHER grants the USER a personal, non-transferable, non-exclusive right of use in accordance with the terms stated below.

The SOFTWARE is protected by international laws and treaties as regards intellectual property. No right of ownership is granted to the USER under the LICENCE, only a right of use is granted to the USER. By this LICENCE, the PUBLISHER grants the USER a personal, non-transferable, non-exclusive right of use in accordance with the terms stated below.

Future upgrades of the SOFTWARE to which the USER is entitled under this LICENCE will be bound by the terms of this LICENCE.



The PUBLISHER reserves all rights, title and interest of any kind whatsoever, not expressly granted under the LICENCE. This includes, without limitation, all patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret and other intellectual property rights.

The USER has only a limited license right to the SOFTWARE and no ownership rights are implied by the use of terms such as ‘purchase’ or ‘sale’ which may be used here and elsewhere. The SOFTWARE is licenced for the personal and non-commercial user of a consumer engaged in personal and non-commercial activity.

Modifying, adapting, translating, decompiling or undertaking any reverse engineering, disassembling or attempting to discover the source code of the SOFTWARE is strictly prohibited.


The PUBLISHER and its licensor(s) reserve all their intellectual property rights pertaining to multimedia files that may be provided with the SOFTWARE: without limitation, images, audio or video files. The use of those files is reserved for the personal use of the LICENCE holder, excluding any other use and in particular (i) for commercial use, or (ii) if the SOFTWARE is not used for its intended purpose.


All intellectual property rights in the materials contained in these websites belong to the PUBLISHER or its licensors, and your use of this website and the information available through it are subject to these terms of use as amended from time to time. By using the PUBLISHER’s websites, you accept these terms and conditions in full.

The material on these sites may only be reproduced or re-used for internal, non-commercial purposes, unless such material is only available to USERS who have purchased a service from us, in which case the material may only be used as provided for by the terms of business under which that service was purchased. This means you may download, view, copy and print pages from this website, but only for your own personal use subject to your agreement not to:


The SOFTWARE may include a technological measure to protect it against copying in order to prevent any unauthorised reproduction. In accordance with the law, the USER must not circumvent or attempt to circumvent any protective measure against unauthorised copying.

The USER shall not distribute, sell or lease the SOFTWARE nor remove any product identification, proprietary, copyright or other notices contained in the SOFTWARE.

Activating or running the SOFTWARE beyond a certain period of time may require the entry of an activation key previously supplied to the USER. The USER recognises that the activation key is the PUBLISHER's exclusive property, that it is strictly confidential information and that consequently it must not be disclosed to third parties. The USER undertakes to implement all means available and to act in good faith in order to protect the confidentiality of the activation key.

As part of the measures for verifying the use of the activation keys, when an Internet connection is open the SOFTWARE may test the validity of the key used for the SOFTWARE on the site of the USER’s computer. During this test, statistical information only is sent to the PUBLISHER: no nominative information and/or any information that is not directly related to the SOFTWARE activation key is sent to the PUBLISHER or to third parties.


The SOFTWARE needs to make changes to the USER’s computer to work as required to optimize and protect the USER’s computer. These changes are summarised here.

This product helps the user to optimize PC performance by following several optimization procedures which are listed below. Startup optimization - program monitors Windows startup sequence, including the time it takes to load various programs, resource allocation of loaded programs and its usefulness. The Program uploads the statistics to the central server, where the analytics engine compares the current user's PC with PCs of other users and suggests optimizations suitable for the user's configuration.

Background application optimization - program monitors applications that are using Windows services when the application is not running. These Windows services consume PC resources even if their primary program is not running. This optimization automatically switches off these services when they are not needed.

Unnecessary services - program asks the user several questions regarding his PC usage. Based on the answers program disables certain services which are not needed for the user but slowing down the performance of his PC.

Disk defragmentation - program scans the hard drive and performs disk defragmentation when needed System & Network settings - program checks for many different settings, mainly in the Windows Registry, which are affecting Windows performance or stability. It performs several registry optimization tricks to boost internet speed and browser responsiveness on older PCs. It also monitors Power Plan on laptops which may affect PC performance if configured improperly.

Junk files - program scans the hard drive for unneeded files and suggest to the user files which can be removed safely.

Anti-virus – program monitors existing files, running processes and downloaded content for malware. Where necessary, files are deleted, quarantined or blocked and processes stopped to prevent malware being installed or being run on the USER’s computer.


Any personal information of the USER collected by the PUBLISHER through, or associated with the purchase and use of the SOFTWARE shall be used and stored in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the PUBLISHER. The latest version of this policy is available on the PUBLISHER’s website. The PUBLISHER strongly believes in the importance of keeping user's personal information private. It will never use your information for any use beyond that stated or the permissions given to us.

The SOFTWARE uses data collection technology to collect technical information (such as suspect files) for the SOFTWARE to function correctly and to improve the SOFTWARE. By accepting this agreement the USER acknowledges and agrees that the PUBLISHER may use such information as part of the services provided in relation to the SOFTWARE and to prevent and stop the malware programs running on your computer.

The USER also acknowledges and agrees that the PUBLISHER may provide updates or additions to the SOFTWARE that will be automatically downloaded and added to the SOFTWARE.


The SOFTWARE may enable the sending and reception of data over communication networks. The use of means of communication and the transfer of data over networks are operations for which it is not possible to guarantee either the confidentiality or integrity of data. Data transferred by means of the SOFTWARE is wholly and solely USERS' responsibility and AT THEIR OWN RISK AND PERIL. Consequently, the USER cannot hold the PUBLISHER liable for loss or damage suffered, without limitation, subsequent to the impossibility of transferring data, for the interception of data by third parties or for data lost on transfer.


The LICENCE shall commence on the date of purchase of the SOFTWARE and shall expire at the end of the period for which the LICENCE s purchased.

The LIFETIME LICENCE is made for an indefinite period. The LIFETIME LICENCE will be terminated automatically, without prior notice, in the event of breach by the USER of any one whatsoever of the provisions herein. Termination will result for the USER in the obligation to destroy all copies of the SOFTWARE and associated documentation.


The PUBLISHER warrants that the physical medium carrying the SOFTWARE is free from defects in materials and production for all normal uses. The warranty is valid for 90 days from delivery or from purchase of the SOFTWARE. In the event of defect, the remedy offered by the PUBLISHER will, at its option, either be to replace the defective medium, or to refund the purchase price.

The PUBLISHER warrants that the SOFTWARE is in accordance with its documentation but gives no express warranty as to its correct operation and in particular that the SOFTWARE will satisfy performance requirements or that it will run without discontinuity or bugs. The PUBLISHER gives no other express or implicit warranty under the LICENCE.

The total liability owing to the USER, including, but not limited to, damages arising out of contract, tort, breach of warranty, infringement or otherwise, shall not exceed the fees paid by the USER with respect to the SOFTWARE.

The parties agree that the limitations of this section are essential and that the USER would not be permitted to use the software absent the terms of this section.


If any one of the clauses or provisions in the LICENCE is ruled null and void or not written, the remaining provisions shall nonetheless remain valid.


The LICENCE is subject to the laws of United Kingdom, excluding rules on the conflict of laws.